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Fall Communications

A New Season In Communications

Let us help you with your communications and marketing needs!


We develop long-term, quality relationships built on trust and dependability.


We incorporate your passion, respect your knowledge and experience, and build on your expertise to promote your mission, vision, and values.


We deliver results, and will do whatever it takes to get the job done… really. We keep at it until our clients have gone from satisfied to delighted; and we are not done, until our clients are successful.

Is Your Website Secure?

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Business Strategist

19 years of success managing small, medium and large projects aligning business goals with technology solutions to drive process improvements, competitive advantage and return on investment.

Certified Project Manager

PMP Certification. Expert in agile and waterfall project management methodologies. Able to manage large project teams and known for high-quality deliverables that meet or exceed timeline and budget.

Communications & Marketing

A rare blend of technical expertise with communication and marketing background.  Degree in Business Communications from the University of Kansas School of Journalism.

Workforce Development

Founded to fill the void of communication and marketing companies with knowledge and expertise in workforce development issues.

WordPress Websites Face Increasing Cyber Attacks

WordFence has released an in-depth analysis that shows WordPress websites are facing an increasing number of cyber attacks.  A few sobering statistics: In January, Wordfence blocked an average of 25 million brute force attacks per DAY. Wordfence noticed a surge in...

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Is Your WordPress Website Secure?

Can you answer Yes to these questions? I’m running WordPress version 4.7.3. I’m using a strong password when logging into WordPress. My WordPress theme and plugins are up to date. I regularly backup my website. If you answered NO to any of these, its’ time to get...

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Passionately dedicated to bringing you a new season in communications.

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