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WordFence has released an in-depth analysis that shows WordPress websites are facing an increasing number of cyber attacks.  A few sobering statistics:

  • In January, Wordfence blocked an average of 25 million brute force attacks per DAY.
  • Wordfence noticed a surge in attacks in late February.
  • From February 21-28, Wordfence blocked 1.7 million attacks from one particular IP address. During this seven day period, this particular IP address targeted 22,000 websites.

Wordfence’s in-depth analysis reveals this particular IP’s tactics, techniques and procedures as well as who is behind them.  This is a great investigative piece.  It is definitely worth the read!

WordPress Tips

If you use WordPress, you should definitely be concerned and make sure that you have security plugins in place.  Security plugins like Wordfence are a must and the FREE version of the plugin blocks all brute force attacks.   When you set up regular scans on your site, Wordfence can detect a hack attempt.  You also need to make sure you are running WordPress 4.7.3 and your theme and plugins are up to date.

Need Help?

If you need help with WordPress security or have other web development needs, Fall Communications can help!  We offer WordPress web development and security services to small business, associations and non-profits.  Contact us today!

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